Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bags Every Woman Should Have: A Quick Guide

Every girl needs to have her go-to bags that she loves.  Here is a quick list of some of the basics:

  • Backpack
Backpacks Under $50

JanSport backpack

JanSport backpack

Dasein backpacks bag

Backpacks bag
Backpacks are great for school and travel.  Personally, I don't love them, but they are necessary for those very reasons.  When looking for one, you should try to find a backpack that suits your needs storage wise because you don't want to end up buying a bag that is way too big or too small.
  • BaguetteBaguette Style Handbags
The baguette handbag was invented by Fendi, though they have been made by many different designers and in many different styles. What makes a baguette bag a baguette is the shape.  They are longer than they are tall.  This allows for a lot of versions to be available.
  • ClutchClutchesClutches Under $50
Lilly pulitzer wristlet
$40 -

Oversized handbag

Guess handbag

Nina purple purse

River Island white purse

ALDO purse
$32 -

Clutches are perfect for any event where it does not go with the outfit or occasion to have a larger shoulder bag.  Clutches are handheld, as clutches with a small wrist strap become wristlets (Although I do have a vintage clutch with a strap that can be kept inside or outside of the bag.).  You cannot fit very much in a bag this size, so you have to decide what you really think you need to carry with you.
These are great bags for when you don't want to have a big handbag on your shoulder.  They work well for a busy and casual day when you don't need to have a lot with at any given moment and want to be hands-free.  Crossbody bags are usually small, but not as small as a clutch.
  • Satchel

Givenchy fold over handbag

Prada zip top tote bag

Satchels usually have two handles and a larger strap, although some do not have a strap.  They are medium in size and you can fit a pretty substantial amount of items inside.   
  • Totetotes
Totes Under $50
Lesportsac tote

White handbag

Dorothy Perkins studded handbag
$43 -

ALDO tote bag

Totes are also known as shopper bags and are great for traveling, daytrips, some shopping and casual events where you might end up carrying a lot.