Thursday, July 30, 2015

Getting Over the Death of Clothing: The Navy Shirtdress

A few years ago, I had bought this shirtdress from H&M that I loved.  It was that versatile piece that could be worn with boots, leggings and a shirt under it in the winter and sandals in the summer.  I loved it and was somewhat distraught when I discovered shocking news -  it didn't fit me well anymore!  I decided to put it in the Goodwill bag because it wasn't getting any wear from me by sitting in my closet.  So, why am I still thinking about it now?  Maybe it was because I forgot that it didn't fit me anymore and had fantasies of wearing it with a new item.  Deep down inside, I hoped that it had missed the ride to Goodwill and was hiding some place in my house.  I have chosen that I need to get over this dress.  I have replaced it with other shirtdresses that are just as nice and have accepted the fact that it will never come back.

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