Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring Break Recap

Hello, again! For starters, I am so sorry that I haven't posted in such a long time! I've been wicked busy with school and family.
I thought that in this post I would tell you all some of the highlights of my spring break.  I went for vacation in Malgrat de Mar, Spain and Barcelona.  Malgrat de Mar is a lovely little village on the Mediterranean.  Our hotel room had a view of the sea and it was delightful having the opportunity to wake up to it every morning.  The town is very pedestrian friendly and I was able to walk through most of it.  I noticed that a lot of the doors and gates to regular homes were ornate and made a necessary piece very aesthetically pleasing.  It was too cold to go swimming in both the ocean and the hotel pool (:( ), so I didn't really get the tan that I was hoping for, but it was still a lot warmer than what it was at home.  I bought this cute and functional shirt dress at a store there and there are both touristy shops and boutiques, so everyone can be happy.

A cautionary tale:  We were in Barcelona for a day at one point (we also flew in and out) and decided to have lunch in a restaurant with outside seating in a busy area.  We were looking over the menus and talking, when my purse was stolen.  Although there weren't any luxury items (besides a smart phone) that were stolen, I don't think that anything will ever be returned and things will eventually be replaced, though you cannot really replace an heirloom and belongings have memories, most of all, my feelings of safety were shaken.  I won't ever go someplace and think that I will not be stolen from or that I am completely safe.  I am telling you all this because things like this happen all the time in major cities.  I learned after the fact that it is common for anyone from tourists to locals to be robbed in Barcelona.  I was glad that were staying in Malgrat de Mar because it's so safe and family-friendly. There, I didn't have to worry about anything happening while I was out.  The moral of the story is always be on your guard, especially when you are traveling.
Some of the lovely architecture in Malgrat de Mar.

What did you do over spring break?