Friday, February 12, 2016

Presidents' Day Weekend: Patriotic Style in the Winter

Happy Presidents' Day Weekend!
Here are some ideas on how to look just as patriotic in February as you do in July:

  • Layering: By layering your outfit, you can wear red, white and blue colored pieces while staying warm.
  • All about the accessories: Wear a regular winter outfit, but add a patriotic-colored scarf, wear Stars and Stripes inspired shoes, add a patriotic headband or hair ribbon, or wear patriotic jewelry.
  • Presidents' Day Nails: Wear red, white and blue nails.  Try just one color or try them all! How about little stars for an extra touch?
  • Makeup:
    • For an easy and classic look, try a blue eyeshadow with your usual mascara and, if you want, eyeliner.  You can use a white or silver eyeshadow as a base.  Next, add a red lip.  It can be any shade based on your personal preferences.
    • For a bolder look, use blue eyeliner and cherry-red lipstick.
    • For a dramatic look, wear eyeshadow in red, white and blue with eyeliner and mascara and red lip.
Outfit Inspiration:


216 by gmazhandu featuring chanel purses

This outfit uses the first tip by pairing a red dress with a white blazer and a blue and white scarf.

Red, White and Blue

This outfit shows the second tip of using accessories and also pairs separates.

How do you dress patriotically in the winter? Comment below.