Monday, September 7, 2015

How to Transition an Outfit from Summer to Fall

Summer to Fall
Everyone has that outfit that they love to wear during the warm months and hate to put it away and not wear it until that time next year.  Though some outfits just can't be worn over during the fall and winter due big tropical patterns or neon colors that may look odd or out of place unless you're on a Caribbean Christmas cruise, many items can be worn differently all year.  Here are some helpful ideas:

  1. Add leggings or tights.  During cold weather, I usually pair skirts and dresses with leggings or tights.  It's good to have a good selection for various occasions and temperatures.  Leggings are often thicker and therefore warmer than tights, although I do own a pair or two capri- length "light layer" leggings.  Leggings go well with boots, flats and many other shoe styles.  Wool tights are good to have because they are warmer than most tights and unlike leggings, are footed.

Back to School 5: Denim and laceIn this example, a dress is paired with black leggings.
Casual Day 6: StripesThis outfit layers a bright dress with leggings, a cardigan and tall boots.

249This shirtdress is paired with leggings and riding boots.

2.  Add a jacket.  This is a simple fix and can easily be put on or taken off based on personal preference.  There are many options depending on your outfit, including blazers, cardigans, pull-overs, sweatshirts, boleros and hoodies, etc.  For an everyday outfit, I would usually go with a cardigan, blazer or maybe a hoodie.  Jackets have the power to change your outfit from casual to dressy and vice versa. A blazer can make you look polished and professional.  A cardigan can make you look comfortable and smart.  Sweatshirts can make you look relaxed. Choose carefully.

251A lacey cardigan is worn with this summery dress.

Formal 3: Black, Blush and WhiteThe blush pink dress in this ensemble is now able to be worn all year long with a bolero.

63This outfit features a patterned shawl-style cardigan.

3.  Wear a long-sleeved shirt under the top.  This can be done with tank tops, short-sleeved shirts and dresses. 

214In this outfit, the blue cami is worn over the t-shirt.

190This outfit features a t-shirt worn over a dress.

4.  Wear a scarf.  Scarves can winterize outfits while keeping you warm.  There are many ways to wear and use a scarf, making them a versatile piece.

131The lace top can be worn all year long.

132The lavender scarf adds a bright touch to the darker colors.
106The cheetah print infinity scarf causes the outfit to become more vibrant.

Comment below for your favorite outfit and what you would like to see more of.