Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are great for the summer because they can be dressed up or down and are modest without becoming stifling in the heat. Here are some of my favorite outfits that I have created using maxi skirts. Maxi skirts also work well in cooler weather when they are made with thicker fabrics.

This outfit is more formal and would be great for church. The skirt is dressed up with a blouse and blazer.

salmon pink maxi skirt with white top and sweater
This is a more casual approach.
pink, yellow and blue
This outfit is also more casual and great for traveling.
Untitled No. 7
The thick denim paired with a cozy sweater make this a great outfit for cold weather.
The striped skirt paired with an oversized sweater and peep-toe wedges make this a great outfit for cooler summer days, spring and early fall.
Casual Day 2
This casual outfit is great for shopping or a cooler day.
Casual Day 3: Chevron
This is an excellent outfit for a casual summer day!
This outfit could be casual or dressy. I love the mint paired with stripes. The faux wrap style of the skirt makes it look light and breezy.
I love this skirt! This outfit can be both casual and dressy and works well for summer weather.