Saturday, June 13, 2015

Comfortable and Casual Outfit Ideas


Everyone wants to be dressed comfortably sometimes, so here are a few ideas for casual times.

A solid colored T-shirt with a solid colored skirt paired with a printed infinity scarf make for a cute laid-back outfit.

Untitled 8
A cozy sweater with a full skirt and ankle-strap flats creates a stylish, yet comfortable outfit.

Back to School Outfit 3- Fly Away
A denim skirt and printed tee create an effortless look.

Casual Day: Harvard
A college sweatshirt and denim skirt with comfortable shoes.

ready for fall
A plaid button-down and a denim skirt.

Daisies and Bows
Layered tops with a floral skirt and bows add femininity.

Back to School 7:Glitter, Lace and Roses
A denim maxi skirt paired with an adorable sparkly sweatshirt.

Casual Day 5; Stripes and Lace
A striped top paired with a lacey skirt and floral scarf.

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